What will we do with the new?

The holiest days are the days of our mindful appreciation. Let's appreciate our spirit for delivering us to this moment.

My friend, what if...

we smile first thing upon waking?
we welcome every breath?
we practice loving everyone?

When we're blessed with new beginnings, we can choose new directions.

When the tide shifts, we see the shore as if for the first time.

When we breathe with attention, we feel a whole world of shift.

As the new year unfolds, let's take some time to notice where changing time has delivered us.

None of us have never experienced this moment before. Can you dig it? This breath finding you right now is brand new. This body of yours receiving it has never existed on this sacred date.

Sacred why? Sacred because you noticed it.

So how do you intend to celebrate it? The holiest days are the days of our mindful appreciation. Imagine the wonder you'll find. Imagine the party if you knew how to manage the thoughts or behaviors that restrain you - again and again- from savoring the blessing of being alive at this very moment?

Choosing new directions empowers us to recall our influence on our life path.

While we can't control the events that arise on our path, we're always responsible for the manner of our engagement with them. Just because we don't like it doesn't mean it isn't four our benefit.

Learning how every event transforms us, remembering the sweetness of spiritual contentment, and practicing in postures of comfort and self-respect all strengthen our ability to respond with kindness, compassion, and understanding.

Isn't this who we all want to be?

Devoted to life in every holy moment? Committed to our stability and ease?

Finding our way to growth and contentment is a lifelong practice. I can promise it won't happen overnight. I can promise it will require practice and patience.

Isn't it a comfort to know that your courageous effort and wise understanding will guide you home? You'll make your discoveries and each one will strengthen your commitment. You'll feel some peace and it will be enough to inspire you to persevere.

In this new year, please choose wisely how you can choose to care for your spirit.

It may not seem like an appropriate first priority when there's the mortgage due and an ongoing, worldwide health drama at centerstage. These uncertainties are conditions of life. They'll remain just as sure as they'll evolve and shift. Because evolution and shift is change. And change delivers uncertainty. Our friends, our jobs, our money, our lives will come and go.

Our spirits will endure.

This year, let's commit to befriending that spirit. This is the relationship that will guide you to the ease and stability that softens the blow of all uncertainty.

To deepen your practice in this direction, please join me this February for a special workshop. As a sangha, we'll discuss and experience practices from the book Come Home to strengthen our connection with our divine spirit. You're also welcome to contact me to set up private lessons. Or join an online class on Monday and Friday mornings.

Please send me a note with your interest and I'll send you details.

In the meantime, I love you.

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