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May we remember to be with our wonder.

And may we always share the love it inspires.
Here is what I've learned from wonder.

33 Conversations Between You, Me, and God
by Megan Doyle

33 Conversations Between You, Me, and God

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Life moves ever lifeward. We forget sometimes. We all want to connect and we all have choices. Our options are clear. We can meet as explorers, wide-eyed with hearts ready to welcome the adventure; or, we can stand guard against life's movement. I wrote these poems for you and me. May we move together, with grace. These poems are reminders: let's choose wisely. We're all doing the best we can and we all have reason to say thank you. We all carry light and we all must attend to our shadows. We're all perfect, regardless of our mistakes. We're all love.
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