spiritual mentoring
for practical self-management

Know your purpose.
Move with love.
Realize joy.
Come home to yourself.

YOUR journey

you are the answer.

Are you ready to claim your sovereignty?

Remember how to move, feel and appreciate your body and emotions.
Learn to name and communicate your needs.
Experience the infinite potential of your resources.
Connect with the light of life.

Megan offers integrative mentoring so you can discover your innate gifts of power, joy, and love. A Satir Coach and Mentor, a Satir trainer, and a certified Yoga Therapist with more than two decades of experience sharing with CEOs, high-level professionals, military veterans, and artists, Megan is a practical guide as you travel your inner terrain. She will listen, love, and encourage you to return your focus to your essential self-management.

Megan Doyle


to those who are ready...

I'm committed to you and your journey toward effective, loving self-management. I know distractions are plentiful and persuasive. I'll care for you as you brave encounters with resistance. I'll laugh with you through mistakes. I'll celebrate your every discovery. Your healing is possible and imperative. Your healing heals the world.

Let's use these bodies, the breath that fuels them, the exploratory mind and the wealth of experiences that have formed us. Let's connect and participate in life while we have the chance.

kind words

from those who have ventured before...
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Megan has studied, integrated and taught the theory and practice of therapeutic yoga, following the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya, TKV Desikachar and Gary Kraftsow, with humility, simplicity, precision, and fun.  She reminds me that it is my Breath that begins and sustains every pose, and brings balance to my body, mind and spirit . Her gentle, open-heart and delightful laugh never pushes, but patiently waits until I’m ready to ask and answer my own questions: “Who am I and what am I meant to do?” Through asana, pranayama, and chanting, my peace is restored and I move with stability, strength and ease toward my interpersonal and spiritual goals. Megan teaches lifelong exploration. She teaches me to know myself. I am deeply grateful.

Lynne, Del Mar, CA
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Megan’s knowledge of the physiological and spiritual bases of yoga is truly profound. Working with her has been transformative at every dimension:  physical, psychological and spiritual. I would label her a healer.

Andy, Del Mar, CA
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I’m a 77 year old man and I’ve worked with Megan for the last 5 1/2 years, initially for chronic back pain. She prepared exercises for me and also gave me insight into the anomalies of my body. I learned what was out of balance and contributing to pain. I became an active participant in the healing process. Training with Megan is the reason that I can still maintain the physical exercise essential for my mental and spiritual health. My body and mind also continue to reap the benefits of her healing energy techniques, which I maintain is a form of magic. Megan has guided me through meditation practices, breathing exercises, spiritual readings, prayers and chanting. Her kind and patient guidance gives me tools to attain peace and balance in my life. I love that we always laugh together, a healing technique in itself. I am blessed that Megan is in my life as a mentor, a healer and a friend. I imagine her as a multifaceted gem. A spirit that both absorbs and reflects the light of the world.

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I found Megan by chance (aka fate) when I was pregnant and in need of bodywork. When I called her, I could feel her beautiful, healing energy and I knew I needed to see her. Megan shared energy sessions with me throughout my pregnancy and every time I was overwhelmed by calm and peace. My baby would get so active during each session, like she was full of light and giggles, letting us know she enjoyed the transfer of energy. Megan helped me release deep anger that I’d held for a long time. Close friends and family members commented on my transformation; my mom and husband also became her clients. I recommend Megan to everyone.

chantelle, CA
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I've had the amazing experience of having Megan as my spiritual, health and yoga teacher for over 7 years.  Megan is a special teacher, like none other.  She has an innate ability to connect to my body, heart and mind to assess what’s going on.  I’ve experienced a lot of trauma, struggled with relationships and have been on a lifelong journey to break patterns and be successful. From Megan I’ve learned to trust and love myself.  Knowing Thyself is what Megan teaches.  What I like most is how she’s guided me to listen and connect to my body.  I now have more love for myself than ever, my relationships have improved and I have a new successful career that I love.  Megan continues to teach me how to work through my challenges so I continue to learn and grow. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a vast array of tools and resources to assist people on any path they choose. I’m so grateful she is and continues to be an important part of my journey.

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It only took one session with Megan to know that yoga movements were what my 66-year old body had been craving. It only took three months to realize that the teachings of yoga and the sages who share it, as delivered by Megan in the most gentle, kind, and loving ways, was what my mind, soul, and spirit had been craving. The teachings and practices Megan has guided me through over the past four years continue to enrich and sustain me.

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I was a tin man after a storm with no oil can. After trauma followed by a breakdown, I started a diagnostic odyssey to identify the cause of chronic joint pain and physical immobility. No diagnosis. I was engaged in therapy and I learned much. Still, I was physically, mentally and spiritually locked up 6 months later. I was in a freeze state. After 2 years of guidance from Megan in a yoga practice, I am amazed at my physical mobility and strength, and occasionally I feel joy! Importantly, I recognize my feelings and thoughts more due to the mindfulness, breathing, and gratitude exercises integral to my yoga practice. Megan is the most patient, non-judgmental, open-hearted and knowledgeable person I have ever met. Full of light! Megan lets me go at MY pace, fast or slow, based on what I need. It's all there waiting for me as I'm ready. That's the “practice” of my practice.

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Serendipity led me to Megan. In a town of “young immortals” I hoped I could find a slower meditative teacher. Bingo or should I say Shaktipa!  Megan is an extraordinary yoga therapist and energy worker. What is most remarkable about Megan’s teaching is her acute sense of the principle of union between breath and body awareness. I’ve been practicing yoga off and on since 1972 and Megan makes the real principles of yoga accessible. Her teaching is poetic without pretention. Example: the other day in Mountain pose she guided me, “if you pay attention, standing is a concert of movements.” She is an elegant beauty schooled in Patanjali and Ayurveda with a great sense of humor. She is always involved in advanced training herself. More people of all capacities need to know about her work. Find her.

DAVID, Hawaii
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Megan listens not only with her ears but with her heart and her hands. She brings care and consciousness, as well as a wealth of knowledge—from energy work, Yoga, Ayurveda, massage—to each session. As a former professional ballet dancer with more than 30 years of experience with body work and yoga (and plenty of lingering injuries!), I have well-tuned radar for authentic practice and Megan is one of those rare guides whose intuition and expertise I trust completely. She is quick to recognize causes of acute pain and work out potential sources, physical or emotional. She’s helped me to eliminate neck and back pain, foot and ankle problems, and is also wonderfully capable of bringing a true sense of relaxation. Learn with Megan and you won’t look back!