YOUR journey

a path specifically for you.

You experience your special life. You contribute in your unique way. Your contribution, connections, and experiences of suffering are personal; your journey toward peace is too. Megan responds to you and your conditions—physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

You’ll explore your past, present and future so you can care for yourself in every moment.

gather tools for well-being, clarity, power and peace.

You’re ready for the next step, ready to find meaning in traumas and challenges so you can move toward greater potential. You may be grieving; you may be worried; you may be down. It's time to rise.

With Megan, you’ll move, breathe, talk, meditate and connect as you befriend yourself and your purpose.  

work with megan

When you're ready to walk with a guide...

Where To Begin
The starting place is wherever you are. When you contact Megan, you’ll be asked to contemplate a few questions. You’ll be given an appointment. Megan is happy to meet with you online or at her home studio in beautiful San Diego, California.

About The Sessions
First meetings are 90 minutes long. In your confidential private sessions, you’ll share your concerns, stories, and healing ambitions. Megan will guide you through movement, breathing and contemplation. You’ll be given a practice for your exploration at home. Megan asks that you commit to at least five one-hour sessions following your first session so personal practices can be refined and expanded.  

At your sessions, Megan may offer embodied discussion, movement practices, hands-on energy work, gentle massage, guided meditation, discussion, chanting, prayer or visualization.

Rates for 2023 are as follows: $150 for 90 minutes. $110 for 60 minutes.

Local Intensive
If you’re interested in an intensive mini-retreat or will be visiting San Diego, Megan will work out a schedule of in-person meetings and practices to suit your interests. If you require, she’ll also put you in touch with someone to arrange accommodation and food for your stay.

Let's Talk
train with megan

When you enjoy group experiences with friends...

Join Megan's online classes on Mondays and Fridays at 10am pacific. Enjoy breath and movement on Monday mornings. Friday's class is a deeper exploration of breath work, concentration, meditation and prayer. Classes are $20. Please send a note for the link.

Every season, Megan offers online healing workshops to improve your understanding and use of tools for honest self-inquiry and discernment. These workshops bring seekers together to share wisdom and delight in the lessons of others. You’ll connect with others and find strength in your shared commitment to every dimension of life. Workshops may offer guidance in chakra navigation, mantra, perspective-shifting, light meditation, and the yoga of sleep. In every workshop, Megan asks you to remember the beautiful purpose of life: to discover and share with the world the meaning of every moment.  

become a coach
Whatever stage you're in, you're evolving. For teachers, therapists,  massage therapists, creatives, and other healing professionals looking to deepen competencies and make a deeper impact with clients, join Megan for training as a Satir Coach and Mentor. Group and personal experiences are available. Please send a note for more information.

You are the answer

Find freedom to observe and love...


Megan shares her workshops with studios and friends around the world. If you’d like to develop a workshop for your studio, workmates, or family, please feel welcome to reach out with your ideas.