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May we remember to be with our wonder.

And may we always share the love it inspires.
Here is what I've learned from wonder.

Come Home book by Megan Doyle

Come Home

Here's a practical book to help you connect with and appreciate your true self with methodical mindfulness.

Come Home teaches you to explore your perspective and the way it colors your soul's journey. You'll discover and practice valuable concepts such as compassion toward your body and gratitude for your experiences. You'll learn to integrate these skills deeply, inspiring an authentic experience of peace that no oppression, injustice, or rainy day can destroy. You'll find joy is possible in every step you take along your path.

We all navigate our journeys in different ways. Our path is for our unique and thoughtful exploration. Sometimes, we lose sight of its purpose. We perceive life as this intervening force, tripping us up or challenging us in ways we don't feel capable of overcoming. How have we forgotten that we are life? Life lives within us. Every single one of us is a living being in collaboration with every living being in this living world. What if every experience we encounter is an opportunity for us to remember how precious our lives are? What if we learn to say thank you to every breath that fuels this life? Let's leave no stone unturned on this beautiful journey. Because, as it turns out, life is the journey of our lifetime.

Come Home is an invitation and a roadmap. Through inquiry and simple practices, you'll:

  • Learn the dimensions of who you are and why you're here through simple breathing and contemplation techniques.
  • Ponder your relationship with your body, your mind, and your personality.
  • Understand your connection with everything.

Publication date: 12/2/2021

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33 Conversations Between You, Me, and God

33 Conversations Between You, Me, and God

Life moves ever lifeward. We forget sometimes. We all want to connect and we all have choices. Our options are clear. We can meet as explorers, wide-eyed with hearts ready to welcome the adventure; or, we can stand guard against life's movement. I wrote these poems for you and me. May we move together, with grace. These poems are reminders: let's choose wisely. We're all doing the best we can and we all have reason to say thank you. We all carry light and we all must attend to our shadows. We're all perfect, regardless of our mistakes. We're all love.

$ 18.00 USD