Do you dance?

The world is waiting to dance with you. Are you game? Will you let it lead? Will you let it get a little wild? Today, this happened.

The world is waiting to dance with you.

Are you game? Will you let it lead? Will you let it get a little wild?

Today, this happened.

Leaving the beach, I’m in traffic on the bridge. A stoplight is out a mile ahead. We’re barely moving.

Still, it’s a beautiful day. The light is golden. The herons in the lagoon are holding their posts on one leg. I have my hand out the window and it’s dancing on the wind. Plus, it’s a good song.

In front of me, a beautiful, long-nailed hand emerges from the driver’s side of a Saturn. The hand starts dancing on the wind with mine. My hand makes a mudra – for spaciousness – and my hand’s new friend makes the mudra too. I see the woman swaying in her seat. I’m swaying too.

I love my new friend.

I notice… behind me, another hand emerges from a big, white SUV. It’s a man’s beautiful hand. My hand makes a mudra. This manly hand makes the mudra. The breeze plays in our hands. I sway and I see him sway.

I love another new friend.

For 20 minutes, the three of us dance together.

Bicycles speed beyond us. Pedestrians pass. Our caravan proceeds slowly and we three let our hands glide and dive and twirl and wave. Without seeing the faces of my new friends, I know we have smiles to share. We have our specific destinations but they’ll wait for us. On the journey, we’re choosing to create happiness. And the greatest gift of all… we’re enjoying it together.

When we reach the intersection, we share a shaka, blow some kisses and go our own ways. For a few minutes, I laugh, in awe, at the divine ways the world brings us into harmony.

I will always remember our connection.

When the world asks you to dance, will you say yes?

You have every opportunity to feel the world moving gracefully with you. Will you give in and let it radiate in you, around you, and beyond you? Will you allow yourself to feel the joy?

No one will choose for you. But when you choose to accept, you’ll discover the invitation is always waiting for you. And when you begin to dance, you’ll realize the invitation isn’t even necessary. It’s an implicit term of your very existence. The world wants to dance in you with every breath.

Will you give it a go? Find a good song and sway a little. Let the world guide you.

(And thank you to my new friends for the perfect dance this afternoon. May we all gather so many dancing friends on our journeys.)

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