Letting the heart soothe us

Resilience is our ability to jump up from what’s taken us down. We adapt. We bounce. By learning to acknowledge and use our experiences, we learn  to heal. Our hearts show us the way.

Here are some familiar, not-so-helpful mantras we might find ourselves repeating:

Why does this keep happening to me?

I hate all the negativity these days.

I can’t be spiritual all the time.

Ah, thank you to our wonderful mantras. When we listen to them, we learn who we are. We learn our complaints. We learn we’re not entirely okay. And we want to be okay.

Our mantras tell a story about a belief that the world should change for us. The belief keeps us from learning that everything we feel starts within. We don’t have control over the world. Our mantras tell us what we’ve yet to learn: to become okay, we need to journey toward the source of our complaint.

We are the source. Our experience of the world isn't a compilation of events that happen to us; it's our response to these events that forms our experience.

We want the world to change but the change lies with us and within us. We are the change.

We travel within to change.

So why not leap?

Resilience is our ability to jump up from what’s taken us down. We learn to adapt. To bounce. By learning to acknowledge, appreciate and utilize our experiences, we learn how to heal emotionally, metaphysically and physically. Every experience is our perfect trampoline.

Our consistent adaptation - our resilience - delivers us to a state of compassion and joy that we feel in our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

Please join me to discover the truth: you are innately resilient.

Inner Resilience is an intensive, educational offering inspired by the teachings of Virginia Satir.  For those ready to refine their service to others, the course will satisfy the initial coursework to become certified as a Satir Coach and Mentoring Specialist with Satir Global. More importantly, participation will enrich your relationship with yourself and every other aspect of life. Whether you intend to pursue certification or not, the course will empower you to lead your life with greater confidence, courage, and appreciation.

A small, in-person group training, Inner Resilience is a process-based, experiential learning opportunity to acknowledge who we are, how we grow, the ways we falter, and the ways we bounce. We’ll restructure our relationships with ourselves and others so we can sense how our resilience fuels our greater purpose.

We’ll work through six essential phases.

1.     Making Contact: call upon and listen to the messages of the breath, the body, and the mind so we can appreciate the wonder of our shared, human experience.

2.     Valuing Our Resources: take inventory, examine, and value the energy of our inner resources, and those of others.

3.     Growing Awareness: observe our perceptions, behavior,moods, and thoughts to discover the patterns that may no longer serve us or mayoffer a means of growth.

4.     Accepting and Appreciating the Whole Scene: establish methods to remain present and engaged with every experience and discover what obstacles may arise to deter us.

5.     Establishing Sovereignty: remember our freedom to manage ourselves, to choose responses and directions that nourish our well-being, and to seek support for choices.

6.     Building on Solid Foundations: acknowledge and envision the ways we will direct our ambitions to strengthen what we’ve built.

Using breath, movement, contemplation, and discussion, this program will guide you home to the heart - where faith, compassion, and love spring. From the heart, you’ll learn again how you relate with and serve others.

Dates:             Sundays, October 17 & 24; November 7 & 14

Time:               11:00am to 3pm

Location:       A San Diego VFW Post, sign up for details

Please join, learn, and share. You’re welcome. Please contact me to sign up.

A contribution of $400 is appreciated but not required.

Veterans and Active Duty are welcome for a suggested fee of $250, or as your heart allows. A VFW Post member will be given a scholarship to attend.

You are also encouraged to make a financial donation to the VFW Post for the space they’re providing.

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