Listening and listening...

When we pray well, we surrender our notions of control to something we can't understand.

Please, my friend, have a look at a new project I'm calling whispering little prayers.

It's a small effort to remind myself and everyone that there's sweetness in prayer, that we do it all the time, and it's a meaningful necessity for each of us.

So many of us are skeptical or even cynical when it comes to friendly encounters with Spirit. But we also complain about depletion, purposelessness, existential dread, and lost connections. We, as living creatures, are wonderfully wired to experience the divine. We, as rational creatures, often don't fathom this. We build structures of resistance and call them logic, science, rationalism.

And yet... from the earliest archeological records, we see examples of ritual, indications of worship, and forms of communion with something beyond the human experience.

And yet... physics tells us that we aren't what we think we are.

And yet... a truly scientific effort to experience Spirit that includes one's own observation of encounter, change, and result would demonstrate a pretty decent correlation between our efforts and desired results. Granted, it's a n=1 experiment but is there truly a better one for you?

Humans sing, dance, tell stories. We look to the skies and feel awe. Our powerful imaginations conceive of so many possibilities that later become real. We are, all of us, fantastical beings looking for validation.

Prayer offers that. When we pray well, we surrender our notions of control to something we can't understand. In that acknowledgement, we settle into a realm of potential. And when we pay attention, as prayer helps us do, we discover that our prayers are answered.

Please take a look.

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